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Download, Install & Setup, & connect OFFICEJET PRO 6958 PRINTER SETUP

How to Download, Install & Setup, & connect OFFICEJET PRO 6958 PRINTER SETUP using 6958?

HP printers are the household name for most of us when it comes to possessing our own printers and having access to such devices easily. HP has made an invincible space in the world of electronics with the use of advanced technology. The service providers have been long known for their wide range of electronics and other gadgets. With its unrivalled services and customer service support, people are globally preferring its devices for personal as well as professional use.

If you are still wondering how to set up the HP printers at home without any professional or technical assistance, we are here to guide you on that. The algorithm involves a set of simple procedural steps that you need to follow in order to get started with HP printers. The compatibility offered by HP printers is worth acknowledging, and the ease of accessibility with multiple devices is also a plus point for such devices.

Setting up, connecting, and configuring the HP OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer for operation is recognised as the OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer setup. With the aid of 6958, we accomplish that in this article. Make sure the OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer is configured properly before using it for any other jobs you may require it for, such as printing, scanning, or copying.

Depending on the version of it you are using, apart from that, you will get a manual along with your printer’s insides. Unbox it and read the manual for setting up your printer. Still, if you feel like you are stuck somewhere, here we will clearly explain things to you. So sit back and relax; we have got you covered!

Know more about HP printers!

HP printers come in different versions based on the demand and preference of the customer. The usage can vary according to the work priorities. If you prefer to use it for office or local use, which means if you go with an official service provider for printing, personal use, etc., you can get a printer based on that. The size and features can vary based on that, and the devices come with varied functionality following this.

To accommodate a range of printing requirements, HP printers provide an array of practical features. Printing from your smartphone or tablet is possible with mobile printing, and wireless communication eliminates the need for messy cords. Furthermore, HP printers provide scanning and copying features that make it simple to convert paper documents into digital versions.

With HP printers, you can print important emails, documents, and images with ease thanks to features that make printing easier. HP also provides mobile apps and software to facilitate printing. The HP Smart App is one of them. You can scan and print from your phone or tablet using this software. Therefore, it is possible to say that HP’s all-in-one printers integrate printing, scanning, and copying features into a single unit.

Now in this article, we will guide you with the start download, where you can download the necessary software or drivers sometimes to get started with the setup thing. the user-friendly interface that gives people a convenient way to start the HP printer installation process.

An intuitive download page is available at This is where HP Easy Start is located, which makes it easier to install drivers, feature-rich software, and HP Scan capabilities. Use to download, install, and configure your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer. Here are the procedures to do so:

  • The HP setup software can be downloaded and used by visiting
  • Verify that your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer is turned on and plugged in and that it is linked to the same wireless network as your computer.
  • On the page, type in the model number of your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer (6958), and then tap “Start.”
  • Download the setup-related HP printer software. Register your printer or make an account after installing the HP printer software.
  • As you continue through the setup wizard, select the relevant settings and agree to any terms and conditions. Following this, you can get started.
  • To connect your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer to your computer, just follow the instructions provided by HP Easy Start.
  • You can either go for a wired connection or a wireless connection, depending on availability and preference. You will get the wifi connection details; just enter the details carefully and get started.
  • To connect your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer to your computer, simply follow the instructions. If the printer is wireless, make sure you connect it to your Wi-Fi network as previously specified. Next, follow the software’s instructions to finish the setup.

To ensure a flawless download, installation, and setup process, carefully follow the instructions provided. Should you have a preference for printing from your mobile devices, you will need to install some software or drivers, such as the HP Smart App. If you would like to add these features, simply follow the steps.

You will learn about fundamental functions like powering your printer and configuring wireless connections during the printer download and setup process. You’ll also receive instructions on how to install and fill cartridges. Once the required drivers and software have been downloaded, all of this information is obtained.

The product is a topic of attention because it is well-known for being compatible with numerous gadgets. You can download the tailored programmes from the relevant app store in order to do this. Prior to the app being downloaded, on a tablet or smartphone, for example, you can download your crucial files and documents. You have the option to accomplish this quickly either wirelessly or via a good cable connection, depending on what is most convenient for you at that moment.


By following this straightforward description of the HP printer installation procedure, you will be able to use 6958 to download, install, and effectively set up your OfficeJet Pro 6958 printer. Now that you’ve properly followed the directions, your printer ought to be operational. Furthermore, by following the instructions, you may quickly activate mobile printing with your HP printer and print from your device.